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ONPASSIVE / GoFounders: Running the Sprint

I truly hope that you are finding joy and excitement in the imminent launch of the sprint marketing campaign and the beta-testing of products! I have always maintained, and so will say here now, that what whatever your passion is, whatever excites you and gets you “in the zone”, so to speak, is your compass pointing to your “true North” and that’s what you should follow to experience your life joyfully and abundantly unfolding before you.



Our CEO, Mr. Mufareh, reaches toward that passion every day and that’s what powers his vision for us and for ONPASSIVE. For the past several months, since I stated making videos at least,

I have been saying that we’re not based on the old-model paradigms of competition and conflict. Accordingly, we operate differently. Our goals will be achieved fully and we will set in motion a means to lift the human condition for a great many.

That is the plan, the goal, and the mission. I fully believe what our CEO, Mr. Mufareh, said earlier this month. And I quote. “ONPASSIVE is definitely putting a mark… not only in this industry… but it will put a mark on humanity.” Ash Mufareh.18JUN20 I have also said in previous videos that what ONPASSIVE has developed is “magical.” By that, I am referring to the technology, its system’s seamless integration, and its ability to super-fund our Founders. To help bridge the sense of real technology to the world of magical fancy, consider this quote by Arthur C. Clarke: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” And that’s what we have. But whether you are able to see this as magical or not, the bottom line is that we have the magical combination of heart and determination. We operate with a sense of fairness to make sure this works for everyone.


We have purposely chosen to operate this way because our CEO went through things in the past that were painful, and costly.

He’s been cheated and stolen from and was in marketing programs that were “rigged” where the best speakers, or the best marketers, or those that are “connected”, or rich, etc. always got moved up or placed directly at the top, or were somehow given unfair advantages, and then continued to unfairly build on the backs of others.

ONPASSIVE does not operate that way simply out of fairness.

As a member of GoFounders it makes little difference where you are on the board; only that you are on the board. I mean, once you join GoFounders you are going to be successful whether or not you are active. Albeit, there is a “first come, first served” theme where placement as Founders is according to the date and time of sign-up. But let me give you one example of our fairness to consider. How many of you have lost out on commissions in other businesses because the person below you bought in at a higher level so that commissions were “passed up” to someone else; often straight to the admin. That is not how

ONPASSIVE operates. We have no pass-ups and there are no gimmicks in ONPASSIVE. With ONPASSIVE, those commissions are placed in a separate wallet… that you can see… and continue to accrue commissions for you until you reach the level the commissions were drawn from. When that happens, you get them. And you will reach all four openly available levels; unless you choose not to for some absurd reason. Some may do it in days. For some, it may take weeks.

For others, maybe months. But all can and will get to the top if they want to. And through our system, which will revolutionize the way we earn online, the vast majority of you joining GoFounders will experience for the first time what it feels like to amass residually-growing prosperity. Those of you that don’t were already wealthy when you joined. But whatever the case, this is going to be the platform for reaching the world no matter what space you are active in or what your job is.