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What’s In It For Me vs. The Law of Reciprocity

The Law Of Reciprocity states…“If you do something nice for others they’ll do something nice for you.

People will feel obligated to reciprocate.” When it comes to online marketing… If you want to ensure

your success… try to consistently give value to others, look for ways to make your potential customer’s

lives better. Not all of them, but some of them will feel inclined to do the same for you, and thus return

the favor. Those favors contribute to your success! This is why marketers who just spam affiliate links

all over the place don’t do so well.

Capitalize On The Power Of The Internet!! The amazing thing about the Internet, Social media, and Email

Marketing is that you can provide value to literally hundreds of thousands of people’s lives at once.

So in all aspects of your marketing… video, social media post, and emails….try to give by helping others

solve problems. Give by inspiring others and showing them how to achieve the desired result.

And use these powerful, free communication tools like email and social media to be a real, reachable

person. When people know that they can personally turn to you for help, the game changes for you

and your business.]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]


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